ASG Africa has partnered with three best of breed partner’s, each excelling in their areas of expertise: SIEM, Content Destruction/Reconstruction and Application Isolation, each protecting the Enterprise from malicious attacks like Ransomware, Malware, Monitoring of intrusions and Log analysis.

Gate Scanner Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) transforms files into a safe and neutralized (harmless) copy that you can trust.

Scanning and Blocking

  • Sophisticated file type identification, with multi “TrueType” engines.
  • Black and white listing.
  • Blocks macros, embedded components and unrecognized file types.
  • Deep content search.
  • Interworks with 5 anti-virus systems.
  • Extensive work load capacity.
  • Blackening – prevents data removal from network.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Zero Day capabilities.

Converting Files

  • Converts files to PDF, Excel to RTF, Word to TIF, PDF to bitmap and back.
  • Extracts Macro and embedded elements from office files.
  • Removes Java and embedded elements from PDF. XML Parser & Text Parser.
  • Cleans Meta Data.

Managing Users

  • User Verification – by e-mail only.
  • Verification against user e-mail address or profile groups.


  • Anti-tampering process.
  • Operating system is sealed, shielded and encrypted – run on WIN 8 embedded.
  • Option to restart the computer upon completion of each scan.

Managing System

  • Multi language user interface.
  • Central administration site including full control, administration and configuration for every user and station.
  • Central Update Server.
  • Detailed reports and event logs.

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    Weaponized emails containing Zero Days and undetectable malicious code continually evade the protection provided by Secure Mail Gateways (SEG) leading to ongoing data breaches and ransomware incidents.

    A new approach is needed, focusing on prevention. The e-Purifier Enterprise Service inspects all components of the email including the e-mail body, links and attachments using various anti-virus, scanning and deconstruction tools.

    Through this process each message is transformed into a safe and trustworthy version as the ATP technology prevents even the most sophisticated unknown and undetectable threats. Complimenting this solution is a comprehensive and cost-effective email archiving solution.

    This service includes an e-mail continuity, web-mail, interface which ensures that your business can continue to operate during an outage of the e-mail service, as well as an outlook plug-in and mobile app for ease of access to archived information anywhere, anytime. The service can also cater for outbound mail through the configuration of a smarthost. This is provided with no requirement for Capex expenditure and can be provisioned in a short period of time.


    e-Purifier Information Document

    e-Purifier Product Matrix_Lite Enterprise ATP and General

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