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Trace Critical Data Elements Across the Enterprise with Data Lineage Tools

The variety of sources and volume of data today creates a maze of confusing data paths. Data lineage offers a way through. Understanding the sources of information, and how systems process data, is an overwhelming challenge within any data governance program. Any gap in understanding makes it impossible to respond in a confident and timely fashion to compliance or business process change requests.

Navigating the Data Maze

Mapping the data estate and understanding its dynamics doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Finding the right path starts with data discovery. The right tools trace data from origin to destination, understanding changes and closing any gaps.

Zero Gap Insight

Traceable data is trusted data. Our technology tracks every “hop” from source to target and allows you to add expertise to “stitch” gaps that can’t be automatically bridged. With interfaces for more than 220 technologies and expertise in Cobol, Java, SQL, ETL transformations, and many other languages, our product helps you quickly and accurately pinpoint critical data elements.


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