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Transforming the Digital Workplace

Enable Today’s Hybrid Enterprise

Enterprises have to maintain that their applications and platforms are compliant and show that they can account for the huge volumes of information flowing through their organization. Current solutions to this issue only address some of the issues facing enterprises but not all. Workspaces enables an all-in-one approach that provides a user-friendly experience for the employee and helps reduce costs for the enterprise.

  • Maximize end user productivity by offering everything needed to complete tasks in the most productive manner.
  • Access via a browser-based workspace which enables users to complete basic tasks without loading any apps.
  • Achieve Real Cost Savings with Automation and Orchestration for your datacenter and cloud.

Enhance Productivity

Highly functional workspace provides everything employees need on any device.

Governance & Security

Context-aware & policy driven workspace to control access to content and services.

One Single Solution

Access apps, services and content. Order apps and services based on role.

Workspace Cost Savings

Reduce IT costs with single solution, multitenancy and on-premise and cloud delivery models.

Customize Digital Workplace

Fully customizable and personalized end-user experience based on user role.

For Partners

Create a differentiated offering for customers through a customizable platform for Enterprises.


Interested in learning more?

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