E-mail is a critical communication channel leading it to be the primary attack vector on organizations. Cyber criminals exploit the human factor creating highly targeted socially engineered attacks using increasingly sophisticated threats.

Weaponized emails containing Zero Days and undetectable malicious code continually evade the protection provided by Secure Mail Gateways (SEG) leading to ongoing data breaches and ransomware incidents.

A new approach is needed, focusing on prevention. The e-Purifier Enterprise Service inspects all components of the email including the e-mail body, links and attachments using various anti-virus, scanning and deconstruction tools.

Through this process each message is transformed into a safe and trustworthy version as the ATP technology prevents even the most sophisticated unknown and undetectable threats. Complimenting this solution is a comprehensive and cost-effective email archiving solution.

This service includes an e-mail continuity, web-mail, interface which ensures that your business can continue to operate during an outage of the e-mail service, as well as an outlook plug-in and mobile app for ease of access to archived information anywhere, anytime. The service can also cater for outbound mail through the configuration of a smarthost. This is provided with no requirement for Capex expenditure and can be provisioned in a short period of time.


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