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Software to Your Browser on Any Device with No Development

Legacy Application Modernization

ISV Software to SaaS

Demo Software on Demand

Deliver legacy software to any device and nearly eliminate legacy application support costs with no app development.
Transform legacy software to SaaS to increase sales and provide a better customer experience.
Deliver legacy software to any device and nearly eliminate legacy application Increase sales from the website by allowing customers to interact with your software from the website.

Run Any Software in the Browser

  • Your Windows software into HTML5 in minutes
  • Up to 50 concurrent sessions per server instance – unique!
  • Let your users launch software from any device, anywhere
  • Fast and secure

Lowest cost

In the cloud or on-prem, a VM is always expensive. Ours can run in average 50 sessions or users in parallel, on the same VM instance. Our competition? Usually 1.

How It Works

Architected for Performance & Savings

Simplified IT

Run dozens of users per Virtual Machine instead of one VM per user, dynamically spin up and spin down VMs based on real time usage and limit full VM availability to work hours or peak times.

Maintain one instance of each app to eliminate the
complexity of managing legacy apps and costly and time-consuming application update cycles, resulting in lower development, management and support costs.

Mobile Productivity

Zero maintenance

Access any app, any time, from any device with no
development – dramatically increasing mobile workforce productivity and reducing costs associated with redeveloping the app for every mobile device and OS.

Why add headache to your IT department by asking them to now administrate additional servers? LayeredRevert completely reverts everything the user has done during their session once their session is over.

Secure. Period.

Our developers have created award-winning products and patents in the security field. Cameyo Online was created with the idea of security first and foremost.


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