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Windows Server 2000/2003 application migration specialists

Resolve these legacy application challenges

Windows Server 2003 end –of-life have left many businesses facing a wall of decisions; aspects of application re-architecture, investment into new infrastructure, updated operating systems and the resource planning challenge make this task turbulent.

Apart from these, the ever present cost justification and business as usual approach mean many organisations have legacy business critical applications scattered throughout the estate.

ASG Africa’s turn-key solution offers our customers an opportunity to resolve these legacy application challenges with a simple yet effective plan:

  1. Applications that work in older Windows 32-bit environments don’t necessarily work properly on modern 64-bit Windows versions. Depending on the software’s complexity and size, fixing that software can incur costs and delays. Folders, registry keys, security permissions have changed through the different iterations of Windows, and adapting a large piece of code to a recent Windows version often requires going through the entire code, making changes and retesting.
  2. Understanding the size of the problem – ASG Africa offers comprehensive agentless scanning capability. Full application inventory reports are categorized into 16-bit/32-bit architectures which support the planning process.
  1. 16-bit remediation – ASG Africa are one of very few vendors which offer remediation of legacy components either with the introduction of new modules or the remediation of these 16-bit applications.
  2. 16-bit and 32-bit applications are containerized using our application virtualization technology which offer a multitude of benefits :
    • Server consolidation
    • Disaster recover
  3. Armed with all the facts, our team will guide your IT owners on a methodology and approach which will:
    • Leave you production environment un-affected
    • Allow your team members to focus on BAU issues
    • Make your applications FUTURE-PROOF

In ASG-Africa you will have a trusted partner who has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions to some of the most complex issues their customers are facing. You will have a partner who has an intimate knowledge of your environment and will guide you on the best way forward.

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