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ASG Africa focuses on solving client challenges around Advanced Endpoint Security including Cyber, Malware and Ransomware attacks, and the Correlation, Auditability and Security aspects of cross-platform Event Log Management including out-of-the-box Compliance capability for standards such as PCI DSS, King III, SOX, etc. ASG Africa also offers additional Financial Sector focused solutions on Governance requirements such as for BCBS 239 and Solvency II, amongst others.



  • Compliance and Governance issues within Business and IT.
  • Cyber Threats and Ransomware attacks thwarted by Advanced¬†¬† End-Point Security.
  • Business Critical and complex XP and Windows Server 2003 Application upgrades.
  • Moving client desktop environments into Hybrid Workspace.
  • Understanding of Enterprise Data and where it is used, and data lineage from Production to Business Intelligence.
  • Establishing a common-used Glossary, and responsible owners, of Company Terminology for Business users.
  • Gains in Operational Productivity from Mainframe to Distributed infrastructures.
  • Application discovery and understanding across the Enterprise.
  • Gaining control over the Business Processes and understanding the bottlenecks, not only from an IT perspective, but the actual Business Processes themselves.
  • PCI DSS, King II and other Compliancy and Auditing requirements, such as File integrity Monitoring, through real-time and centralised control of Firewalls, Log Files, etc., across multi-platforms.
  • Accurate in-depth monitoring of applications and their response times across a heterogeneous environment.
  • Cost of Ownership reductions and Application usage control through an extremely cost-effective Application Streaming capability.
  • Document archiving and access, from almost any device, for extremely large company requirements for their cross-platform applications, including SAP.



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